Part 4 just us girls

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Part 4 just us girls

Kathy worked on Lou with all the strength she had left in her mouth and body. The two girls had been going at each other for over 3 hours and the bed was /cum/red-cum/covered-with-cum/">covered with cum from both girls. The room was full of the sent of pussy and cum! Kathys mouth worked hard on Lous slippery pussy and Lou groaned and rammed it into her face each time Kathy hit the right spot. Lou was very swollen around her cunt lips from excitement and Kathy ran her tongue and lips all over her mound. Lous pussy was receiving Kathys darting tongue as it moved in and out of the opening and then flicking in the dripping /cunt/cunt-hole/">cunt hole. Time and time again Kathy would build Lou almost to the start of her orgasm and then back off a little. It was driving Lou /crazy/">crazy with desire and Kathy knew it. As Lous knees straddled Kathys head she would hold Kathys head up, raising it off the bed as she pulled on her beautiful wet hair! Again and again Lou would raise Kathys head so she could grind her pussy into her open wet mouth under her. As she tried to cum one last time, she screamed out at Kathy: Oh fuck baby! Come on! Make me cum! God!! Dam it Kathy!!! Stop fucking around and lick me until I cum! AHH!! You are driving me crazy! Eat me baby! I need to cum so /bad/">bad. Look at my cunt its so swollen ! Come on sugar! Make me cum!! I know you know how! Come on!! OH fuck! Come on eat me! KATHY!! Oh fuck! Oh yes baby! Lick it !! Faster1!Ahhhhh!"

Kathy knew exactly what she was doing and each time she brought Lou closer to cumming she would slow down or pull her mouth off Lous cunt long enough to relax the feeling and it was driving Lou nuts. Kathys plan was to keep Lou close to her orgasm and backing off so that when Lous /climax/">climax did finally happen, it would be so much stronger. It would engulf all of Lou, mind body and sole!! Kathy licked all around Lous pussy on the outside where her cunt hair was trimmed very close to the insides of Lous pussy lips. Kathy had Lous cunt lips spread as wide as she could get them with her fingers pulling them open on both sides. Kathy fingers were also helping to stimulate Lous pussy. Lou was sucking her own tits now pulling on the nipples and rubbing her clit while Kathy sucked her hole!! Lou was doing most anything she could to help make her cum! She yelled: "GOD I NEED TO CUM !!! KATHY! PLEASE BABY! MAKE ME CUM!!" Finally after 15 or 20 minutes of Lou sitting on Kathys face, Kathy decided it was time for Lou to climax. Kathy had learned from Mr. XX that licking a pussy anywhere near or on it was good and made a lot of /women/women-cum/">women cum before they even had the tongue inside them. But with Lou it would take more than a little licking and sucking. Lou was a very trained woman who knew how to hold off cumming. She was very good at not climaxing right away! She made her partner work hard to get her off. Kathy knew that fucking the cunt hole with her tongue was very good and made Lou feel very good! Licking up and down the center pink insides of her pussy was also a good way to build Lous orgasm. Then there was licking directly into the hole with your tongue was very good. It was like fucking her with your tongue! A very nice feeling for sure Kathy was thinking!

Licking and then sucking the entire cunt into your mouth got most women off right away. But it was the clit!! The big, /fat/">fat, /hard/hard-clit/">hard clit being stimulated by most anything would get her partner off properly. Lou needed her clit stimulated directly again and again in order to really achieve one great orgasm. Kathy wanted this orgasm to make Lou pas out from the pleasure. So, Kathys lips kissed and moved all over Lous cunt while her tongue searched for that long hard nut around the top of Lous pussy! As she ran her tongue around Lous wetness Kathy used her fingers now to pull the skin at the top of Lous pussy up and to the sides. This made Lous clit stick out the most, and it was easier to make love to it. Kathy ran her tongue over it hard one time. Lou responded immediately by raising her ass and hips up off the bed. She moaned to Kathy: "Yea baby! Thats it you found it! OH god baby YES! Right there!! Lick!!!! Faster!! Lick it faster! Oh yea! NOW!! NOW SUCKIT!! Ahh yes thats it!! Mummmm! Oh yes baby!"

Lou pushed her pussy into Kathys face even harder. Kathys face was covered with Lous cunt juice as she grinded her cunt further into Kathys open mouth! Kathy concentrated only on the clit now. She flicked her tongue over it as fast as she could make it go. And than, she sucked it in and held it softly with her teeth. As it stay there, Kathys tongue began to rub it around and around and around in small tight fast little circles! She never gave Lou a second to rest. Kathys tongue continued to touch the hard swollen clit. Lou screamed and in less than 1 minute Lou began to climax! God did she orgasm!!! She really started to cum now Kathy sucked on the clit! Lou screamed and crying out for Kathy to suck her harder and harder! Faster and faster ! And then she climaxed!!! It hit her like a brick in the head!! She pounded her cunt into Kathys mouth screaming over and over again: "Eat it! Suck it! Oh yes!!! Eat me! !Oh yes baby1 Suck it! Suck my clit! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!" Kathy was good at following directions and she did exactly what Lou demand.

 She sucked that /clit/huge-clit/">huge clit with her lips as her tongue stimulated it over and over again. Lou was experiencing back to back now orgasms! When Kathy began to vibrate her lips directly on Lous clit she went crazy thrusting her hips up into Kathys face and screaming out: Eat me ! Oh fuck!! Eat me Kathy! Oh god Im xxx sex video download free com cumming again! Oh yes! I love you baby! Oh suck me Oh this is so fucking good! !! Lou experienced her third and fourth climax right in a row. As Lou fell forward over Kathys head, Kathy let the clit out of her mouth and sucked all of Lous pussy into her mouth. She had the entire cunt in her mouth sucking on it! Again she began to vibrate her mouth, lips and tongue into and against Lous open cunt. Lou shuttered uncontrollably and screamed as she slammed her cunt into Kathys face as hard and as fast as she could with all the energy she had left in her body. Kathy couldnt breathe and suck at the same time with Lous body covering her face. So she let go of the cunt and pushed Lou up a little. Lou had achieved four of the hardest and /orgasm/best-orgasm/">best orgasm she had ever had with any one. And as Kathy sucked and licked her pussy, Lou went limp over Kathys face.

Kathy finally rolled her over and saw that she in fact had passed out! Kathy looked down at Lous wet pretty young face and wiped the cum off of hers. She bent down and kissed Lou on the mouth sticking her cum covered tongue in Lous mouth. Lou sucked it gentle. . Kathy smiled and said to herself: "I guess I did OK!" She moved to the edge of the bed and called Mr. XX. When he answered she told him what was going on and how she did. sexxxx video ful hd He told her he was happy they had the chance to be together and was proud of how she got Lou off. He also asked when she was coming back to his place? She laughed and told him as soon as she got some sleep. She also said: "Why dont you come over Lous around 11AM tomorrow. We should be up by then." Mr. XX told Kathy: "Your story made me get up now. You should see how hard and big my cock is now Kathy!" She smiled and /hung/">hung up the phone. She drifted asleep thinking about that big /cock/thick-cock/">thick cock in her pussy pumping away! She smiled as she slept!