I love it when my parents arent home

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I love it when my parents arent home

My boyfriend was going to come over soon. He was on his way. I knew my parents wouldnt be home for quite awhile, so Jake and I had planned a special evening. As he was on his way to my house, I had anervous fear about me. I always got a bit /scared/">scared and yet a thrill of excitement when i knew I was going to see him. Finally he pulled into my driveway. As he was coming to the door I could tell that he had a hudge hard-on. We havent been able to see each other in 3 days and we were both extremely horny. Jake came into my living room andimmediately kissed me, his tongue caressing mine. I reached my hand down and put it on his package, he let out a long breath and kissed me harder. I then broke the kiss and led him slowly to my bedroom. As he locked the door just in case my parents came home, i took off my shirt. When he turned around and saw me laying on my bed in my bra heimmediately took of his jacket and reached for his handcuff keys. As he crawled on top of me, stradeling my body, he took my bra off as I started at his belt. I had become an expert at un dooing his pants, and could get the zipper down in less than 5 seconds. After he removed his shirt, he grabbed both of my hands and handcuffed me to the bedpost. My tits swaying with the movement. He started to kiss my neck, and then my neck, slowly inching slower down, reaching my nipple he sucked and bit a bit to make it hard and rolled my other nipple in between his fingers. 

Kissing me down my body he tugged at my jeans to reveal i wasnt wearing any panties, just how he liked it. He was heading to my land of promise and fortune, yearning to get his tounge inside of me. The whole time we were together we had never engaged in oral activity, and I needed it so. He kissed my hipbones, my body raising off the bed slightly and my tits got firm with pleasure. He spread my legs a bit and kissed the inside of my thigh. As I looked down I could see him wafting in my scent. Just then his 8 inch /cock/thick-cock/">thick cock sprung out between the slit in his boxers. I knew he was going to dive in.
Slowly he was kissing my outside lips...and gently running his tounge over my clit. Every time he did so it sent a shock of pleasure through my body. Then he started at the bottom and licked my slit all the way up stopping at my clit and sucking on it, every so often presenting the slightest of nibble in just the right spot. My legs begin toinvoluntarily shake and my head started to spin. Soon my back arched as i could feel the juices spilling out of the most private depths of my body, and his tounge greedily lapping it up. I pulled him away and told him he had to stop before i went insane. He smiled at me and said "So you like that?" all I could do was nod and smile at him in porn videos download adelirious fashion.

He stepped his way out of his pants, and pulled down mine, having his cock so close to my aching body that i could feel the heat off his engorged head. I had no defense for I was handcuffed, but I wouldnt have objected either way. 

He placed his hard member upon my clit. slowly rubbing his head up and down making my clit dance with pleasure...i started to humpagainst his head, and kissed my neck and nipples. As he rubbed his tip around my slit, my juices soaked hisengorged dick. I thought he was going to finally stick it in me, but surprised me when he leaned up xxx and let me start to lick his head. This also, something we had never done before. I felt his cock twitch in my mouth so i pressed my tounge firmly on the base of his head, and circled my tounge around that area, sucking ever so slightly. It wasnt long before he exploded his load onto my chest.After he had cum, I realized he was still hard. I was happy, because I was only halfwayfulfilled. Just then he plopped his dick down onto my chest between my boobs, and ran his cock through he stickysubstance. Taking my hands he pushed my breasts togeter and started to pump his hard member up and down my chest, slowly titty fucking me. I felt his balls begin to get stiff as he shot his load upon my face. It was warm and wonderfully tasty as I licked it off my lips, he kissed me then sucked up all his juices, leaving my face clean and cum free. He slid his cock down my body slowing a bit at my navel, and a bit more at my clit. I knew i was about to get the fucking of my life.

He immediately entered me, his whole 8 inches at once. His thickness at its maximum, I squeezed the base of his shaft with my pussy walls. He placed his hand upon my clit and started rubbing it. I humped Jake faster and faster each time he pumped into me. The sensation was so great, it was like a swelling urge of ecstacy and desire building inside my body. His fingers on my clit moved faster and I squeezed chriss dick with my walls yet again, someting I mastered and knew that he enjoyed. He hugged me harder making the handcuffs press into my wrists, I knew I was totally his and subjected myself the full way, emptying my liquids upon his member. The wetness was so warm and soft, making him able to fuck me at top speed. I squeezed my legs around his body and held him close while contracting my pussy walls around his rod with each trust. He slammed into me and I felt his head reach the back of me, and squirts of his jizz splashed about inside of me. This sent me off the wall again, going into another orgasmic frenzy with my legs shaking, and a feeling of passing out.

When his orgasm subsided he left his dick inside of me. I slowly felt it return to its natural length. I could feel the blood pumping inside of his cock, sensitive and strong. He pulled out of me and lay down beside me, running his hand down my stomach. As he kissed my neck, his hand was placed upon my clit again. I told him I wasnt able to take anymore because i was so tired and still dizzy, so he just rested his hand on my clit, moving it every minute or slow, keeping me at a frenzy of emotions. He then said "Holy shit, its time for your /mom/">mom to come home." and I looked over at the clock and realized that it was true. He unhandcuffed me and Iimmediately jumped on him and huged him and kissed him before we stepped back into our clothes. I told him that i had a very enjoyable evening, and would like to repeat theactivities in the near future. He kissed me on the neck as we turned to watch tv for the rest of the evening.