Getting cought

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Getting cought

this is about how we got to be known as a couple to our friends & all others, in general. It’s known as being ’caught’ in /college/">college code language. I had proposed my slim, fair, /girlfriend/sexy-girlfriend/">sexy girlfriend anushka in college when we both were in first year & she had accepted it. We are still together. Only it was not known amongst our frnds & all others that we are in love then. That was because we had never indulged in public display of affection.

When it came to be known to everyone, we got the reputation of being the cutest couple in college. I’m slim, fair too. I’m not so much muscular. I’m 5 /feet/">feet 7 inches and my girlfrnd is 2 inches shorter than me. We had sex a couple of times, and it had been very pleasurable. We had broken our virginity with each other and we used to have /foreplay/">foreplay all our spare time. However, anushka has always been a very delicate girl and she had asked me not even to touch her when we were in public.

Even i used to take special care of her,  specially when she had a problm. As i had the disposition of being a very decent guy in college, all used to think that we are best frnds. As anushka was from an orthodox family background, no one suspected that we were in love. She has always been very supportive of me. Especially, in trying new things in sex. She has even allowed me to fuck her girlfriends, she herself being a bisexual girl.

She has been a big rebel, actually. I have always & will always be a straight guy. We have sometimes travelled throughout india for the sake of MFF three some sex, where i would fuck another girl and my girlfrnd together. Both of us like sex chatting with girls very much. However, some events led to a sudden exposure of our relationship to everybody.
Our all classmates had gone to a picnic after our first term was over.

We had booked a mini-/bus/">bus and most of our classmates were couples. Anushka & me were seated on the backmost seats in the bus. It was a cold night and the lights in the bus were put off. I had brought a blanket which both of us shared. She told me that she was having her periods & it hurt her. She was having stomach aches. I asked her if she needed any medication. She said she could tolerate it. She just wanted to hug me and sleep.

I didn’t hesitate as it was quite decent compared to the other couples in the bus. We could hear moaning & kissing sounds from other couples nearby. As they could get so much intimate, even we decided to be a little shameless.  Only there’s one problem. What if we get ’caught’? She asked. I told her that i already slept late and before sleeping i would disentangle her from me.

She wanted me to touch her abdomen from both the sides of her body with my hands.

That gave her relief. I told her to come closer. Then i old waman xxxgx planted a kiss on her lips. I could see the affection in her eyes in the light of the roadside lamps. She reciprocated by kissing me in the similar way on my lips for a couple of seconds and then coming closer, she kissed me on my cheek too.  Then i asked her to sit on my lap facing her back towards me. When she sat in that way,

I hugged her from behind, emphasizing to touch her stomach from the sides.  Then i pulled the blanket over us and we talked for a while. She said that she wanted to hear songs from her i-pod so i allowed her to do that. She wouldn’t be bokep sma pecah perawan talking with me for a while so i planted a kiss on her cheeks, after which both of us smiled. Some time later i found out that the song she was listening to was my favourite too,

So i took the part of headphones which was plugged in her right ear and started listening to it. I asked her if her pain had lessened. She told me that it had and she also told me that maybe it was because of our love & how we always wished that both of us remain happy.  Tears rolled down her cheeks and even i prevented my tears from coming out of my eyes,  somehow. I put my mouth around her eyes and drank her tears. She wasn’t wearing any make-up.

She hardly does. And even if she did that time, I didn’t care. We were really feeling very divine.

It may have been the darkness or the cold or both but we didn’t know when we dropped off to sleep.  When i woke up, i was shocked to find all our classmates staring at us. It was of no use now, we couldn’t hide anything from them. No matter how good best friends a girl & a boy are, the girl wouldn’t let the guy hug her and sleep in his arms my girlfrnd was sleeping. I woke up my girlfrnd & even she was shocked initially.

However,  even she knew the best possible & easiest way to encounter the situation. We admitted that we were in love. The only slight problm was that we had to explain a few basic things to those interested & close to us,  sometimes with a little hesitation. But it paid off in the end. The let us be alone as much as we wanted. She had become too much sentimental and we kissed so much that our mouths were paining. Almost for an hour.

Both of us got turned on. She was more turned on than me. She told me that if was not having her periods then,  she would have allowed me to have sex with her then & there, no one around in missionary position. I told her i love you after we ended kissing. She kept on telling me the same countless times after that until we parted. We held hands openly in front of them & we didn’t leave them till we had to part, after the /trip/">trip.  Girls,  give me your comments at madhusudanchaubey at yahoo dot com or call me at 009009530932 for my service