Munich Follies

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Munich Follies

I had been staying at the guest house in Munich for four days, although from the amount of sperm stains on the sheets anyone might have been forgiven for thinking that it had been considerably longer. They weren't all mine. The longest had come from the beautiful young son of the landlady who sometimes made the bed and cleaned the room. On the second day of my stay I returned to my room after breakfast to find him standing over my bed and masturbating, obviously turned on by the sperm stains he had discovered. He was very embarrassed but I persuaded him to continue, taking out my own prick to encourage him. He came very quickly, shooting a long stream of sperm right across the bed, giving me quite a complex. Masturbating two or three times a day meant that my offerings were very humble. But the great thing was being able to masturbate freely, without worrying about whether my wife would require my services that night. So far I had masturbated each night and morning, usually rubbing my prick against the sheet before going to sleep and in the morning throwing back the bedclothes and wanking while looking at myself in the mirror. 

From the first morning the chambermaid had given me a knowing look after making my bed. The morning after the episode with the landlady's son, I was working in my room when she came in and I watched her face as she straightened out the bottom sheet. She smiled, blushed slightly and threw me a quick glance. I got great excitement out of leaving my mark and her reaction was more than enough to give me an . I started to rub my penis through my trousers, subtly at first and then more obviously. The girl had obviously noticed what I was doing, but she pretended she hadn't and continued tidying my room. I was sitting behind my desk and she xnxxv sunny leone video couldn't actually see my hand, so I decided to go a stage further and free my rock-hard prick. I masturbated gently, not taking my eyes off the embarrassed but also intrigued and, I suspected, excited girl. She obviously wanted to see what I was doing but probably felt it was not right that a chambermaid should spy on the private habits of a guest. Starting from the premise that a guest could do what he liked in the room he was paying for, I decided to openly masturbate in front of her. I stood up and went to the mirror so that I could watch myself masturbating and see the chambermaid's reactions in the mirror. She could no longer pretend she couldn't see anything and I could see she was more excited than embarrassed.

"Do you masturbate?" I asked. She obviously didn't understand, so I tucked my prick between my legs so that only my pubic hairs were visible and mimed . The chambermaid blushed " and then nodded.

"O.K. Come on, show me!" I mimed, crossing to lock the bedroom door.
"Nein, nein!" she giggled.
"Ja, Ja!" I insisted, and sat on the bed and continued to rub my prick.

She was obviously very worked up and her hand went towards her pubes. She squeezed her hand between her legs and from the look on her face I thought she was going to come on the spot. I moved toward her and undid her skirt. She slipped it down, together with her tights and knickers, sat on the chair and her fingers went straight to her fanny, two of them penetrating immediately. I was on the verge of ejaculating and I stood up and stood over her. Her fingers moved swiftly in and out of her cunt and two fingers of her other hand flitted to and fro over her clitoris like a butterfly. She gave a moan, heaved upwards and clasped her legs together over both hands with a scream! I ejaculated immediately straight onto her hands and thighs and collapsed on the bed. 

Suddenly we were awoken from our semi-unconscious bliss by a knock at the door. It was the landlady's son. He said something in German and the chambermaid replied. I assumed he had heard the scream and wanted to know whether everything was all right. Memories of the previous morning fresh in my mind, I had an idea. I went over to the door, sperm still oozing from my fast depleting prick, and opened it. The chambermaid tried hastily to get dressed, but without success. The Adonis entered and it was obvious that he thought I had just made love with the girl. He looked furious and I realized he was probably in love with her or something, so I hastily mimed masturbation (I was getting rather good at this!) and put my hand gently on the front of his trousers. 

Obviously relieved that his lover had not been unfaithful, he made no objection and I could feel his prick hardening under my touch. I pointed to the sperm-stained sheet and mimed that he should take his clothes off, once more locking the door. He glanced towards the chambermaid as if to ask permission. She was massaging my sperm into her damp pussy and her smile gave him all the encouragement he needed. He took his clothes off, folded them carefully over the back of the chair and lay on the bed, carressing his massively erect prick. His was by this time masturbating vigorously again, and although I had already wanked twice since waking, things were beginning to stir yet again between my legs. I sat on the bed next to Adonis and revelled in the deft movement of his hand. With every rub it changed its position slightly as if to extract maximum sensation from every square millimetre of his prick. He stopped for a moment, removed his hand from his penis and smiled at me. I did not need asking twice. 

I lay down, my head level with his prick and took the throbbing member in my mouth. I hadn't done this for such a long time " not since my last porno cinema visit in London. But that was a rather sweaty businessman whose pants smelt of stale pee " this was sheer bliss. The boy's pre-cum juices were like nectar on my lips. My own prick was pretty hard by now and my hand dropped down to encourage it further. I shifted my head round a little so that I could also see the girl masturbating. The whole room was throbbing with pre-orgasmic energy. 

The boy started shuddering, and suddenly he gave a heave and a cry and shot a stream of warm salty sperm into my mouth. I came immediately " just a pathetic dribble this time, though the orgasm was monumental. A muffled scream from the chambermaid signalled that she had joined us. They both suddenly leapt up, dressed and dashed out of the room as if nothing had happened, leaving me exhausted on the bed, the boy's sperm still trickling from my mouth. Unfortunately, neither of them came to my room again, the landlady herself assuming the role of chambermaid. I never got to know her reactions to the sperm stains.

So where do I go from here? The first few days' tour of the sex shops had not produced much. The gay films were pretty boring " each other up the arse leaves me cold " although there had been quite a bit of wanking going on in the audience. A rather fat and greasy man had tried to get me to wank him but his prick was so small and sticky that I could not bring myself to touch him and left. I did find a couple of "homo" video booths with wanking films but there was not enough wanking to warrant continually feeding the machine with marks. I went to a couple of peepshows and wanked into the plastic rubbish bin and spent real forced anal against her will ten marks on a "Nude encounter" where a rather ugly young woman with black teeth talked dirty in atrocious English, half-heartedly rubbed her pussy and tried to encourage me to wank in front of her. She seemed rather offended that I did not want to. My tour of the Munich public urinals had also produced very little; I saw quite a bit of open wanking, but everyone seemed to want to keep himself to himself, unlike my favourite haunt at home where I can always find someone to wank and who will readily wank me.