As The City Sleeps

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As The City Sleeps

The faint illumination in the small bathroom created a romantic atmosphere; that romance she had been longing for for the past six months. Since the divorce, she had been sleeping alone in the confinements of her single bedroom above the office. It wasn't as if she didn't have any money, but with having to pay the private investigator, court bills, and Roger a large portion of what she alone had made, she was left with very little for the time being. Fortunately, the business was on the up and up, pulling in more clients in the last half-month than it had it in it's last three and a half years. 

She wrapped her fit body in a towel and rested one of the feminine legs on the toilet in order to apply lotion. She was petite and in perfect shape. Her chest sat perkily on her torso; her stomach was toned with defined abs. Her legs, strong and muscular from 8 years of soccer through high school and /college/">college extended slenderly from curved hips. The doctors had repeatedly told her she had child-baring hips, but her short, agonizing three years of marriage had never put those hips to use. 

Sighing, she wrapped a smaller towel around her thick mass of wavy brown hair. The sun brought out light hints of blond, but damp, her hair looked almost black. She looked at her flawless face in the mirror. Deep eyes stared back, accompanied by long, curling eyelashes. She was much younger looking than 28 without make-up, but in the same aspect, she was mature looking. She carried her head high wherever she ventured and omitted an almost pungent sense of pride and respect for herself and the person that she had strived so hard to become. 

Stepping out of the bathroom into the empty, dimly lit hallway of the five-story building, Ronda smiled gently. She had done well this far in life. Out of college she had started a small business of importing jewels and fashions from the top-selling companies: Milan, Paris, England, and even Jamaica and the Bahamas. At first she had doubted if it was going to get off the ground and go anywhere. In the first month she had racked in barely enough to live on, but within the next three she was living comfortably and was on the brink of expanding. From that point on, she had been living the life she had always desired to live. 

She sat down in the over-stuffed office chair with her steaming bowl of soup. She grabbed the remote from the side-table and clicked the television on. Within the first six bites of the soup, there was a faint knock on the foggy glass door that led to her office. She looked at the wall clock. Both hands rested on the one. She questioned to herself who was at the office at one o'clock in the morning, and more so, why they were bothering her. 

She placed the bowl on the end table, tightened the tie around her fuzzy blue bathrobe, and shuffled over to the door. She opened it frustrated and looked at the visitor surprisingly.
"Um...hi," she said casually although her stomach was filling with a greenhouse of butterflies. 

He had worked for "Ella Bella's Jewels" for the last year or so. He was three years younger than she was, but it didn't matter. His high cheekbones and firm jaw line made him appear much older, and much more mature than most of the 25 year old boys at the office. He was only a few inches taller than she was, but his muscular frame seemed to heighten him. His brown hair was kept short, and often gelled up, back, or to the side. Personally, she liked it dry, with the just-rolled-out-of-bed-after-making-love-all-night-long look. 

"Hey. What are you doing here?" he inquired, his dark green eyes drifting up and down her bathware-covered body. 
"They're painting my house this weekend, and asked me not to be there. So, I figured that here was better than anywhere else. Plus, I had a lot of inventory and what not to finish. Now, what are you doing here?" 
"Couldn't sleep."

She smiled at him gently and stepped aside. "Would you like to come in?"
He smiled back and stepped inside the large, overly furnished office. He acknowledged the colding bowl on the table and turned around as she was closing the door. "I didn't mean to bother you. I'll just go. I--"

"No, no. Don't worry about it, I was almost done anyways," she lied. "C'mon in, have a seat."
"Thanks," he said, selecting the love seat across from the chair that she was seating herself in. 
The two talked for almost two hours while she sipped margaritas and he drank cold beers from the company freezer. About four-thirty, he stood and excused himself. "I should probably get going," he said as he started towards the door.

She followed. "A..are you sure? I mean, it's kind of late to be, well, early--it's kind of early to be driving home, only to have to return in a few hours as it is. I can pull the couch bed out and you can just sleep here tonight. Besides, you've been drinking. I wouldn't want you to get pulled over or anything like that."
He looked at her for a moment, then smiled and shrugged his shoulders surrendering. "All right, if you insist," he replied. 

She smiled at him and stepped up to him, undoing his tie slowly. She looked up at him and half-smiled, her hands trembling slightly. Inside, she longed for him. Inside, he longed for her. Secretly, they had both watched each other out of the corner of their eyes. They went their separate ways at night, desiring deep down inside that they were going home with the other. Now, behind the closed magenta curtains that covered the sleeping, illuminated city, the possibility of fulfilling that lingering desire caused their hearts to race. 

As she removed the undone tie from around his neck slowly, his strong hands ran down her slender arms, down her sides, and rested on her hips. She dropped the necktie on the ground and watched his hands undo the thick bow of her robe. The flaps fell open slightly, hiding her feminine parts, but revealing her firm stomach. She reached behind he and turned off the large, overhead light. All that lit the large room were two small scones on each side of the door, one floor lamp by the sofa bed, and a reading lap that sat on the large mahogany in the corner. 

Exhaling nervously, eyes connected romantically with his, she dropped her robe onto the floor slowly. He swallowed the large lump that had formed in his throat and eyed her perfect body. Her nipples hardened against the chilly air that seemed to envelope them. 

"Wow..." he whispered quietly. She covered her chest with her arms and looked at him sternly. 
"What?" she asked confused.

He removed her arm and smiled at her. milf porn videos "Nothing. You're just beautiful," he whispered as he pulled her close and kissed her lips strongly. At first, her body froze, unused to the sudden granting of her darkest /fantasy/">fantasy. Then, her lips memorized the pattern of his, and she warmed up to his tender kisses. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him closer to her. 

As their lips remained wrapped in each other, his hands cupped her full chest, his thumbs rubbing her already firmed nipples. She sighed gently as the feelings of his tender touch rushed over her body. She went weak in the knees, but tightened her grip around his neck to catch herself. Once she was able to stand on her own, she fumbled with his belt buckle, racing to undo it as if it were a matter of life and death. After many moments of excitement, she pulled the belt out of its loops and tossed it into the pile of previously removed clothing. She followed behind herself with unbuttoning his slacks and removing those as well. 

As he continued to massage her swelling breast, she took his large, semi-hard, groin in her hands. Nervous at first, she slid her hands up and down slowly, but as his breathing deepened and his member hardened, she increased her minute touching. As she teased his cock, his hand glided over her flat stomach to her most sacred area. He touched her softly between her legs, causing her to shiver. It had been so long since she had any sexual encounters...anywhere, and the almost non-existent touches that he was submitting to her body were driving her absolutely /crazy/">crazy. 

As their hands discovered what each other’s genitals liked, their breathing deepened, shortened, and eventually turned to almost angry-like grunts and moans. She would bite his bottom lip involuntarily as he would speed up the much-desired torture on her pulsating clit. He would slide two of his thick fingers deep inside of her each time she blowjob porn videos sped up on his /hard/hard-penis/">hard penis. Finally, the desire to feel themselves completely enveloped in the other took over. 

He sat her on the edge of the desk and kissed her neck gently. She cooed, her fingertips dancing between his toned shoulder blades. She took him in her hands again and guided him inside of her slowly, moaning the whole measure of his continuous journey. She gripped the edge of the desk and leaned back slightly, pushing her pelvis forward. He rested his hands on her thighs and looked at her before plowing his large manhood deep into her. She had always imagined he'd fuck her on the desk, but in her dreams it was during work, between lunch breaks. Nonetheless, she was here, and he was here, and he was fucking her.

His tool glided in and out of her deeply yet gently at first. She met his thrusts, a little harder, a little faster than what he was doing. Finally, he matched her, and pounded her greedily. Her moans of tenderness turned to screams of tortured sexual fulfillment. Her body longed to cum, yet she didn't want it to end. She sat up and pulled herself close to him as he continued to rock himself against her, his cock burrowing in and out of her steadily. She felt it jerk inside of her, a sign that he was nearing the end. 

He reached between her spread legs and massaged her clit quickly. Their shadows danced around the office; shadowy fingers covered their warm, semi-wet bodies. 

"Oh, god!" she moaned, biting his neck gently. "Yes, yes, yes..." she whispered in his ear as she continued to fix the hormone imbalance that had taken over her body in the last half a year. 

Minutes later, he came; he came strongly, loudly, and fully, with himself still buried deep inside of her throbbing vagina. She came mere seconds after him, wrapping her strong legs around his hips. Her body jerked a few times close to him as he continued to tease her rapidly pulsating clitoris. 

"Oh my god..." she sighed as their bodies wound down together. 

He smiled and kissed her, their heaving torsos pressed close. "What do you say we go again?" he asked. 
She laughed as he picked her up off the desk and carried her into the dimly lit bathroom.