Massage Happy Middles are better than Happy Endings

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
Massage Happy Middles are better than Happy Endings

Ive traveled to Asia many times before and Ive always enjoyed happy endings. Asia is famous for matter where you stop for a massage, "specials" or "extras" are standard (even in 5 star hotels). That is not true in America. One has to search and hunt for this favor. Over the years, I must have tried 20 different massage parlors only to be disappointed. Just this summer, however, I hit the gold mine...albeit it took quite a few trips and large trips to bring out the offer for that "extra" special massage. Heres my story...

First of all, if you are patient and throw big tips their direction, any masseuse will accommodate you with a handjob. It is simply a question of time and money (but isnt that life in general?!?). You need to listen and observe for hidden messages...either verbal or body behavior. For example, if a masseuse wont let you strip know that it is going to take a quite a few visits and large tips to get what you want. I usually dont have the patience so I move on to the next one. A few years ago, I was going to the hottest number...a real 10, and I thought I was getting close to getting that "extra" service, but she went back to /college/">college and I havent seen her since. I can tell you about a number of other massueses Ive visited, but let me get to the one I am visiting now...and tell you the story about how to get what you want. It took about 4 visits to get a handjob...but thats faster than any other masseuse Ive visited in America.

Visit #1...I entered the lobby area of the massage parlor and was greeted by a very nice looking girl in her late twenties. She introduced herself as Jennifer and asked me to take a seat. I later found out that she is a co-owner with another lady in her 40s. Jennifer disappeared through a curtain hanging over the door and said she was going to get the room and table ready for me. Another customer had just left and she needed a little time to switch out the sheets and towels. After about 5 minutes, she escorted me to the massage room, told me to "undress to my comfort level" and lay face down on the table...then she left the room. Of course, I took all my clothes off and covered my ass with a towel. Everything was normal during the first special "touching" and she left me covered with a large towel the whole time. It was a great massage nonetheless and when I left, I paid the front desk and gave Jennifer a $50 tip.

Visit #2...Same scenario. I was escorted into the massage room, stripped naked, laid face down, but this time I did not cover my ass with the towel. As Jennifer entered the room, she giggled and proceeded to cover my up with a towel. This time, however, Jennifer reached under the towel and massaged my ass directly. She also climbed on top of me and straddled my ass while she worked on my upper back. When it was time to turn over, I purposely avoided holding the towel in place so my semi-/hard/hard-cock/">hard cock was exposed. Jennifer giggled again and covered my up with the towel. As she worked my legs, however, she would reach under my towel and get close to my balls, but never touch them. Jennifer did comment with a big smile, however, that "there seems to be a big banana under that towel" and "how did that get in here?" The massage finished without incident and once again, after paying the front desk for the massage, I handed Jennifer a $50 tip.

Visit #3...Again, same scenario. I was escorted indian santali xvideo to the massage room, but when I started to take my clothes off Jennifer seemed to linger this time. My shoes, socks and shirt were off and as I started to unbuckle my pants, Jennifer said "Ill be right back." I barely got onto the table buck-naked, however, before she returned. This time Jennifer did not try to cover me with a towel. In fact, I was buck naked through the whole massage...and she was more than friendly around the genital region although it was more of a casual touch and nothing specific. This made my cock rock-hard, however, during the whole massage. Jennifer never tried to cover me up with a was great. Once again, I gave Jennifer a $50 tip.

Visit #4...Different scenario this time. Jennifer escorted me to the room and said "take your clothes off" and she stayed in the room the whole time. As I pulled my pants off, my cock was already getting hard and bobbed in front of me as I maneuvered to the table. Jennifer giggled and said "you have a nice looking penis, by the way. I enjoyed seeing it grow large last time you were here. I always cover up my customers but I couldnt bring myself to covering you up because you have a great looking penis." I said, "thank you, Jennifer, but youre just saying that. Out of all the cocks you see, Im sure Im just average." Jennifer said, "well, I really havent seen that many penis, I dont usually do this sort of thing but I like you." I said, "well I like you too" and we both smiled because we both new what was going to happen within the next hour.

As I was laying in my stomach, every once in awhile Jennifer would reach between my legs to massage my balls. Every time she reached in, I would open my legs a little further. I also started raising my ass a little bit and a couple of times before I turned over she reached underneath and stroked my now hard cock...tip to base. It was awesome! When Jennifer asked me to turn over, my raging hard cock was already wet and juicy with my own pre-cum she had rubbed around earlier. Jennifer started stroking my balls all the while looking at me straight in the eye and smiling. She slowly started working one hand gently on balls and the other moving around my mushroom head. I asked her to slow alain lyle porn down a bit because I did not want to cum right for the next 10 minutes she gently worked me over alternating massage techniques. As I was getting close, she moved to my mushroom head and used the tips of her fingers and thumb on the very end. Wow, what a sensation! I must have squirted a dozen times...and made quite the mess. Jennifer left the room and came back with a hot-wet wash cloth and proceeded to clean me up. It was only a half-hour into an hour massage and based on my experience in Asia, I expected her to say "time to go" and leave the room. What surprised me was that Jennifer finished the head-to-toe massage. It was awesome...what a great thing to have after a hand job.

I have been back to Jennifer quite a number of times and now I am one of her regulars. Dah! I wonder why! Anyway, Jennifer will vary the massage to keep things exciting, but she will always provide me a release in the middle of the is not a rub and tug and run. Its great. Im loving it.

So the lesson here? Keep searching, tip big and keep tipping big. Sooner or later, Im convinced they will all come around and provide the "extra", or "special service" or "release" you are looking for. Its a matter of how willing you are to wait and how big you will tip.

Happy hunting. The masseuse of your dreams is out there!